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Looking for an accountant/administrator?

If you have your own company and want to have the administration done somewhere reliable? 

Then you're at the right place.

L.D.A. Amelie is a small family business where everything is done very completely, so that you can clarify everything that happens within your company and of course we will also point out if we think you can save on some things or invest in the future.


You can always contact us for questions or advice.

Whether you are a starting entrepreneur or have been working independently for a while, you are always welcome and we will always try to support you as much as possible and advise you to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and to have the best business you can have with all things clear.


The most important for you is to have everything arranged for a reasonable price!

Income Tax/ Inkomstenbelasting 
Don't wait too long and contact us.
Do you have a B.V. ?
Then your company/B.V. has to declare Coorporation Tax/ Aangifte vennootschapsbelasting.
We can also help you with that.
We also make Financial Statements/ Jaarrekeningen.
Call us and make an appointment
Telephone:  06- 14 88 49 63   
                       06-28 68 84 35  

You can visit us in Born (Limburg) and  Amersfoort (Utrecht) !

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